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how to reg vps free ovh

OVH not confirm how long beta phase, but during the beta is 100% free. Note that every month to log to renew ($ 0) if not will lose VPS. 1. Click here to register one nic: Listen OVH fraud-check station, so fill it the best. 2. On this page registration 1 free KVS: - After click participate, it will ask for the phone number to send the confirm code. Choose Vietnam, and phone number starting with +84. Eg mobile number is 0123456789 then enter +84123456789. Other network DD I do not know, I spend Viettel get the code right. - After completing confirm code, it will be asked to account OVH. Fill acc / pwd as registered. 3. Registration is complete wait one moment VPS login information will be sent to the email address register acc OVH. 4. Control panel of the VPS:

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